Our Values

At Connect Group, our success is built on five clear values, which shape the way we work.

They underpin our approach to service, help drive our progress, and enable us to grow in partnership as a thriving, forward-looking PLC. Put simply, they are essential to all that we do.

  • Trusted Service

    We win trust by giving outstanding service

    Every single one of us at Connect Group has a part to play in delivering great customer service. That’s why we strive to work as a team, delivering the very best standards in every area of our business. As part of this, we maintain open lines of communication, both internally and with our external trading partners. It is not for us to assume what our customers want – so we make the effort to speak with them direct, in order to ascertain how we can best meet their expectations.

    Our Leadership team plays a crucial role in this process, by establishing a culture of collaboration throughout the Group. By working together we ensure the very highest standards are maintained, helping us to flourish and consolidating our reputation for exceptional service and logistics solution.

  • A Better Way

    We are always determined to get better at what we do, and how we do it

    While we strive for the highest standards throughout our business, we know that there will always be ways to sharpen our practice and improve what we do. In consequence, we encourage all of our staff to take personal responsibility for driving the business forward, and identifying how we can get better.

    Our managers take a personal interest in spotting good practice, both within and beyond our company, sharing and exploring ideas with their teams. Colleagues at every level are encouraged to question the status quo and suggest alternative ways of running our organisation. In this way, we work to resist complacency in our business, and put right what we get wrong as efficiently as possible. It is all part of our commitment to finding a better way – for us, for our customers, and for our industry sectors.

  • Fresh Thinking

    We have the courage to embrace change and try new things

    Innovation, innovation, innovation – that is what keeps us at the forefront of our chosen markets. We’re not afraid to embrace new things, although we are keen to resist adopting change just for the sake of it. So we encourage all of our people in the skill of discernment, helping them to spot new ideas that are worth pursuing and learn for the future when things don’t turn out as planned.

    As a result, our colleagues know that their ideas are welcomed, and that they should never be satisfied with established ways of working. If there’s a chance to improve, we’ll take it. If there’s an opportunity to grow our business in a new direction, we’ll follow it. And if there’s a way to drive our chosen markets forward, we’ll be there, leading from the front. That’s what we mean by being committed to fresh thinking.

  • Mutual Respect

    We show and earn respect, acting with integrity in all that we do

    We believe that good business is about building strong relationships. And like all the most important things in life, these need to be worked at.

    To this end, we provide a professional environment where diversity is celebrated, where everyone is treated with decency and respect, and where integrity is highly prized. In such a context, colleagues have the highest chance of realising their potential and making the best possible contribution to our success.

    Even better, a culture of mutual respect ensures that every member of the workforce is empowered to find their own place within our business. We want our colleagues to share their good ideas and speak out when processes appear to be failing. Only in this way can we ensure that Connect Group is a place where everyone has a chance to thrive – one where people feel genuinely happy to work.

  • Partnership

    We are in it together – building stronger working relationships for shared success

    Our commitment to working in partnership is the glue that holds our businesses together. It runs through all of our other values, providing the connective tissue that ensures we are able to achieve our objectives..

    In such a large organisation, it is vital that we recognise the value of the whole. This requires everyone to see the bigger picture, in order that they can find their place within it, and work effectively across boundaries to help pursue our goals. Having done so, colleagues are encouraged to identify opportunities to work together in developing a deep knowledge of what we are trying to achieve as a business.

    Key to this is recognition that partnership working isn’t just important for our internal relationships. It also sets the tone for the way we engage with our trading partners in all our markets.


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